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8 Work From Home Ideas for Military Spouses 0

Remote work opportunities are becoming more commonplace and military spouses are among those finding great happiness in these roles. We’ve outlined some of the benefits for you and some ideas on where to start your job search.

Why work from home?

Oftentimes military spouses find a job they love, only to be faced with a PCS move across the country or even overseas. Moving in itself can be stressful, even without the added challenge of finding a new job in an unfamiliar location. If you work remotely, chances are good you’ll be able to hang onto your job during a move and avoid another painful job hunt.

Here are a few other benefits to working from home:

  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Avoid childcare costs
  • No need to worry about time zones – many remote jobs allow flexible hours
  • Save on commuting expenses (and time!)
8 Work From Home Job Ideas
  1. Freelance work. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer or social media expert, there are freelance opportunities out there for you. Having trouble finding a gig? Create a portfolio of your work and display it online. You’re much more likely to get hired when individuals can see examples of your work. Try Upwork, 99designs, fiverr or
  1. Check out’s list of remote-only positions. Many of the full-time gigs even come with benefits! Find open jobs here.
  1. Sell goods on Etsy. Are you a crafty person? Try your hand at making homemade goods and selling them on Etsy or other marketplaces like Amazon Homemade. Popular items include jewelry, home decor, and wedding items.
  1. Photography. Start your own photography business for family, wedding and baby photos. Prefer to take photos of scenery? Try selling your stock photos online. The best part is, you can earn ongoing royalties! Check out iStock here.
  1. Become a riveter. This may sound familiar if you’re a fan of the show Shark Tank on ABC. R.Riveter sells canvas and leather handbags made exclusively by military spouses. Look into how you can become a riveter here.
  1. Focus groups, surveys, or research studies. While this is typically more for supplemental income or a part-time job, many enjoy the flexibility of participating in surveys and research studies at their own leisure. Start by checking out MySurvey.
  1. Become a virtual assistant. This can be a great way to make some extra money, especially if you have administrative experience. Sample tasks include making phone calls, email correspondence, data entry, and scheduling appointments. Check out Fancy Hands or
  1. Take phone calls as a customer service representative. Customer service has become an important focus for all businesses and many now face pressures to operate 24/7. This can be a great job if you’re good with people and you may just find opportunities with familiar companies you know and love. Check out LiveOps for more.
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Why Market to Veterans? 0

military discounts for veterans


Does your business have trouble retaining customers? If so, you’re not alone. With the rise of the internet, businesses are working much harder to keep their customers from straying down the street to a competitor they found on Google or Yelp.
It’s widely known that acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5 times as much as retaining a customer. So where can you find these loyal customers?  And how can you ensure that more of them come to your doorstep?

Here’s 4 reasons why veterans make great customers:

1. They’re loyal. Camaraderie and loyalty are two notable values instilled in veterans – this was evident the day these men and women enlisted and pledged their loyalty to our country. They continue to demonstrate this trait after transitioning to civilian life, and the concepts of loyalty and mutual trust appear in their relationships with businesses as well. When veterans find businesses they like and trust, they honor the business by demonstrating loyalty to the brand.
2. They’re respected. Being a military-friendly company doesn’t just increase your brand perception from veterans. It also generates a great response from civilians. According to a Bob Woodruff Foundation report, 88 percent of Americans surveyed agreed with the statement “I support brands that support veterans”. The positive PR from being known as a military-friendly business can help gain civilian customers as well.
3. There’s a lot of them. Did you know there are over 22 million veterans in the United States? Throw in active duty, spouses, and dependents and there’s over 50 million military affiliates. That’s around 15% of the general population and one of the biggest, most specific demographics you can choose to target. Unlike selecting a target demographic like “men under 30” who may have varying interests, you can feel confident in using marketing geared towards veterans who hold similar interests, backgrounds, and values.
4. They’ll do your marketing for you. The military community is tight-knit and its members love to share valuable information with each other. When a veteran has a good experience with your brand, you can be assured that this information will be passed along. Popular methods for sharing information include word of mouth, Facebook posts, blogs and message boards, local events, and military spouse online communities.
How to reach veterans
Digital marketing has made it easier for businesses both small and large to target specific demographics like veterans. Social media, blogs and message boards are a great place to start. Many military spouses are active on social media and blogs in order to connect with one another and share useful information. Sharing information about your support for the military on social media can be a great tool to gain new, loyal veteran customers.
Try offering a military discount. Whether it’s just for holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, or year-round, a discount will catch the attention of the military community. As I mentioned earlier, word of a discount can spread like wildfire throughout the military community.