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At SaluteSpot, our goal is to connect veterans with military-friendly businesses that support them.


Our Story

Like many veterans, SaluteSpot founder Brady Lockard faced challenges when transitioning to civilian life. After separating from the military and moving to Boston, he struggled to find a job that gave him the same sense of pride and passion that he felt while serving in the military. He also found it difficult to find and connect with other veterans and supportive organizations in the city. Local businesses didn’t have a platform to share their support for the military.

And so, SaluteSpot began with a simple vision:

Let's find America's most military-friendly businesses and partner with them to create steep discounts for veterans and their families to claim.


Short-Term Vision

SaluteSpot gives business owners the platform they needed to pledge their support to the military. By extending discounts to the military community, our partners are encouraging veterans to try new businesses that they may have overlooked.

Unlike flash deals, SaluteSpot merchant partners offer year-round deals and aim to create long lasting relationships with veterans and their families.

Our team is working to build an online community of veterans across the United States that access our website regularly to search for military-friendly businesses in their area.


Our Vision

We’re a mission driven company that strives to increase awareness for military-friendly businesses and to improve the quality of life for veterans in their communities. As we expand into new cities, we also aim to create more jobs for veterans. 



Interested in working with us? Email brady@salutespot.com.


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We launched SaluteSpot in Boston in 2016 and continue to expand to new cities. If you don’t see your city on our site and you’d like to – please reach out to us! We'd love to hear from you.


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