Skydive Barnstable
Single Jump Voucher
Marstons Mills | Cape Cod, MA

Military Discount Description

Calling all paratroopers! Ever dreamed of skydiving in beautiful New England but found it's just too expensive? You're in luck! Skydive Barnstable is offering $130 off single jump vouchers to SaluteSpot members. 

Experience the Cape like never before - from 10,000 feet!  A licensed instructor will join you for a tandem jump while you enjoy views of Boston, Providence and more. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! 

The adventure starts with ground training, where you'll learn proper techniques like how to sit securely in the airplane and how to make that perfect landing. You're in good hands - the owners at Skydive Barnstable have 30+ years of collective experience in the sport and a deep love for fun, safe skydiving experiences. Once fitted with equipment, you'll be ready to take off in their safe, specialized jump-plane (a Cessna 182, considered the industry standard).

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Restrictions/Cancellation Policy: Additional add-ons include extra altitude and photo/video packages. There are no fees to reschedule your jump due to weather (day of) or more than 72 hours in advance.

$ 139.00 $ 269.00

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